TEDx talk (English subtitles)

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About 3 months ago I had the pleasure to give a TEDx talk at the University of Seville. And well, here it is now with English subtitles, for all my English speaking friends to be able to understand better. The whole TED concept is to share ideas worth spreading. So I hope somebody can get something out of mine.

But the point of this post is to thank some people that helped me do it (sometimes without maybe even knowing about it): My sister, Magdalena, and my friend Bico. The entire amazingly bright and young TEDxUniversidaddesevilla team (especially my coach, Rafael Chico. Yes, there is a coach for each speaker). And then, in order of appearance, my daughters Adriana and Carlota. My friend and longtime partner Alain Uceda (who gave a beautiful shape to the title, as he usually does to many things). My masters at Chiat/Day (Rick Boyko, Nick Cohen, Ty Montague, Ann Lemon, Paula Dombrow, John Butler, Mike Shine, Graham Clifford, Tom Scherma and of course, especially Bill Hamilton, wherever you are). Christian Escribà and Hans Gissinger (for having me at the “Tartas” project). Javier Sanchez, Suha Shatila and Mr. Nabeel (for having me at the Katara Plaza project). Valmir Leite and Irene Knot (for having me in our Brasil project). And of course, Esther (for that wonderful present you gave me).

Thank you all for helping me shape some ideas that I hope are worth spreading.

Subtitles should be on by default (otherwise you can activate them by clicking the “CC” button on the video)

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